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The People department serves as the backbone to every organization.  Traditionally referred to as human resources, the people team defines how a company manages its employees and establishes company culture.  As today’s HR managers know, HR manages numerous processes that occur in constant cycles.  Incremental improvements in the accessibility and security of employee information can result in significant increases in efficiency and cost-savings.  Box is a tool that can help HR departments realize these operational improvements with its automation, workflow and security capabilities.
In all established companies, from the growing software start-up to the multi-national bank, the HR department operates in a multi-faceted role.  As an independent business unit, HR owns the management of its employees.  As a business partner to other internal departments, the people team often works with department heads on various organizational development initiatives, including resource planning, employee relations, risk management and performance management.
Box can help any multi-faceted HR department improve key processes.  For employee management, Box allows HR departments to centralize employee records and incorporate automation, workflow and permissions.  When working with internal partners, Box’s ability to securely share and collaborate on working documents results in greater efficiency. 

Ideal use cases for Box in HR include:

  • Centralizing confidential employee records:  Securely store employee records in Box and make specific records (payroll and benefits) accessible by the authorized team resources.
  • Automate employee onboarding:  Give new hires immediate access to onboarding materials in Box.  Box Groups offers the people team an automated process to give a set of new hires permissions to relevant folders in Box.
  • Internal collaboration:  Effectively share and collaborate content with other internal departments on employee-related processes such as performance management and resource planning.  Box’s social workflow capabilities give HR resources the ability to assign tasks to internal colleagues within Box.
  • Gather feedback on job prospects:  Get creative and use Box’s mobile app to manage recruiting events.  Box’s mobile app allows you to capture and upload photos to Box.  HR resources can request and gather valuable feedback on job prospects from your internal colleagues with Box’s commenting functionality.
  • Create a portal for HR information:  Add Box to your company’s intranet to create an official employee portal for HR related information.  Box Embed can be the content layer to the sites that your employees are most accustomed to visiting for internal content.
  • Send and receive digital signatures:  Utilize Box’s integration with DocuSign to request signatures for offer letters and receive signed electronic documents.  


  • Centralize employee files and records
  • Automate repetitive HR processes
  • Expedite  digital signature workflows with the Box and DocuSign integration
  • Work with electronic form solutions to streamline paper-based processes


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