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All HR departments require a system to store and secure employee information such as benefits, payroll and performance reviews.  Box allows companies to centralize confidential employee records in specific folders and define access permissions to authorized personnel.  As always, Box offers powerful security options to ensure that employee information is both secure and accessible.

1. Create a folder structure that categorizes the various responsibilities of your company’s HR department.  Root level folders can include benefits, payroll, recruiting, onboarding, performance reviews and compliance.

Figure 1: Create root level folders that represent key HR functions.

2. Ensure that all employee records are accessible by authorized HR resources.  In this case, let’s build an intuitive structure within the Benefits folder to store current and past benefits elections for all employees.

3. Within your benefits folder, invite your company’s authorized benefits personnel into the folder as a collaborator.  As a collaborator, your benefits resources will be able to access and maintain your employees’ benefits records.

Figure 2: Invite your benefits administrator to your benefits folder.

4. Create subfolders to organize your employees’ benefits records.  Each employee should have a dedicated folder for his/her benefits records.

Figure 3: Organize your employees' records alphabetically.

Figure 4: Create a dedicated benefits folder for each employee.

5. Within each employee’s benefits folder, upload the employee’s current and past benefits records.  In this example, we have uploaded an employee’s benefits election forms from the past four years.

Figure 5: Collaborators can upload key HR documents into each employee folder.

Section Summary

Box makes creating a centralized employee records database easy and intuitive.  With a straightforward folder structure design, you can securely store key employee records such as benefits, payroll and performance reviews.  Box’s sharing capability allows you to give specific HR resources the proper access to employee records.  With the right folder structure and permissions in place, your employee records database in Box will be secure and easy to manage.


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