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Box’s integration with the digital signature application DocuSign allows HR representatives to send and request digital signatures from Box.  Let’s say that a recruiter needs to send a job candidate an offer letter and request a digital signature.  Rather than printing out multiple forms and using email, fax or traditional mail to transmit these forms, recruiters can initiate and manage this process directly in Box.

1. Within your ‘Recruiting’ root level folder, create a dedicated folder for pending offer letters to a job candidate

Figure 1: Use Box to centrally store your pending offer letters.

2. When an offer letter is completed for a candidate to sign, simply send the offer letter to the candidate directly in Box with the built-in DocuSign integration.

Figure 2: Within each file's dropdown menu, select "More Actions" and "Send with DocuSign."


3. A DocuSign app will appear in a new window with your selected offer letter.  

Figure 3: Your offer letter in the DocuSign interface.

4. Within the DocuSign app, add the appropriate signers within the ‘To’ field.  You will also be prompted to drag the necessary signature tags onto the offer letter. 


Figure 4: Use DocuSign's intuitive drag and drop feature to set your signature fields.

5. Drag the necessary signature tags onto the signature lines of the offer letter.  Be sure to assign the right signature tag to the appropriate individual.

Once the necessary tags are in the right place, click on ‘Send’ to send the offer letter to the job candidate and recruiter to request a digital signature.  

Figure 5: DocuSign allows recruiters to assign a signature field to a specific individual.

Both signers will receive an email notification that a document is pending a digital signature via DocuSign.

6. Once the signees have all signed the offer letter, the recruiter (original requestor) will receive notifications when the document has been viewed, and finally signed.  The signed document will be accessible in your DocuSign account and automatically uploaded to the Box folder.

Figure 6: The completed offer letter is automatically uploaded to Box.

Section Summary

For recruiters that manage numerous offer letters, the Box and DocuSign integration offers a one stop shop to send offer letters and request digital signatures directly on the Box platform.  Rather than managing multiple email threads and attaching confidential documents to emails, let your files reside securely in Box and DocuSign.  


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