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What is my company already uses another HR system such as Workday or SAP? Where does Box fit in?

The use case for Box is unique to every situation.  Let’s say that your company is using Workday as its HCM or HRIS system.  Box can fit in as a content layer to all the employee-related content that is generated by Workday.  With Box’s APIs, you can develop a direct link from Workday to Box to create employee workspaces and sync content.

If your system does not have an established connection with Box, you can use Box to generate shared links to access specific content.  Simply copy and paste these shared links from Box into an employee’s profile.


How do I set up the Box and DocuSign integration?

This integration does require a DocuSign account.  Existing customers can sign into their DocuSign account.  New customers will automatically be entered into a trial account where they can send their first three transactions for free.  Once the free trial is completed, new customers can contact DocuSign (877.720.2040) to upgrade to a full plan.

If DocuSign is not an option for you, look into other OneCloud apps for digital signatures, including Adobe EchoSign and HelloSign.



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