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Today’s telecom workforce commonly relies on mobile devices (e.g. iPads, Android tablet, mobile phones) to conduct their day-to-day business activities. As they are commonly on the go and in meetings, the small and lightweight form factor of these devices is a natural fit for their needs. To empower their business activities, (e.g. checking email, viewing presentations, reviewing spreadsheets) there are a set of applications that can address these use cases.


Annotating and PDF Preview

iAnnotate is a powerful preview and annotating tool that allows you to review media rich files or large spreadsheets and make your notes directly on the file. For example, executives are often reviewing large excel sheets to review quarterly reports or spec sheets. The integration allows you to make all your changes and save right back to Box. 

On the Go Content Creation

SmartOffice 2 brings the Microsoft Office suite to your iPad for those moments when you need to create a new document or edit an existing one on the go. Now edits can be easily done minutes before a presentation and all edits can be easily saved to Box.



Executives and Sales teams often need to give presentations at a moment’s notice. With Slideshark, you are now able to give a presentation from anywhere with just a tablet. By storing all your presentations in Box, the Slideshark integration allows you to access, edit, and immediately project the presentation all from one stored location. There is also an iPhone app that you can download to turn your phone into a remote control as you navigate through your deck for an extra “wow” factor in front of clients and prospects. 

Unlike most other OneCloud integrations, the SlideShark/Box integration must be set up within SlideShark first so that the files in your Box account can be uploaded and then downloaded in order to begin.

Keynote offers very similar functionality and may be something to choose if you are more comfortable with Apple’s iWork Suite. 

Sales Team Using Box (Retail Stores, Field Sales Reps)
The sales department for telecom is a multifaceted ecosystem with geographically dispersed retail locations, field sales representatives scattered across the country, and a cross-departmental content creation team.


Historically, sharing the latest marketing materials for new devices with retail locations has been a challenge. Having a centralized location for this type of content would decrease the overhead for both content creators (Marketing/Design/OEMs) and content consumers (retail store employees). Box is the perfect tool for addressing this challenge – the latest and greatest content can be hosted in one workspace, and retail locations will have viewer access that is available for preview and/or download at any point in time.


For field sales reps, Box’s support for mobile devices provides access to content from any location. Charlie Hunter-Schyff, Head of Planning at O2 Media, Telefónica, said “With the iPad and Box, Sales can get to the information right away…from a cost perspective, it’s really, truly justified. A great ROI.” Box was able to successfully address the needs for a 10,000 employee company with 22 million customers.

Figure 1: Providing Viewer level access allows retail stores employees to view content but not edit the materials.

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