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A product development team interacts with a wide audience, ranging from the internal legal department for content review to external parties for vendor evaluation. Box was built with this wide range of collaborative activities in mind. Whether working with OEMs manufacturing hardware devices (mobile hotspots, phones, tablets) or with the software companies providing the pre-loaded apps, collaboration happens around meeting agendas, action and risk logs, mock screenshots, roadmaps and more.


Advantix Solutions Group is a national wireless management and analysis provider that was experiencing common content management issues. Their Director of Application Development, Brian Nuckels, stated “Some of the problems we had with email were version control… [we] lost control over the way the files and data were exchanged.” Box was able to address their issue with its built-in version tracking and centralized, secure platform where everyone (internal or external) has access from any device.

Figure 1: A user can revert a file to a previous version of download the prior version.

Internal collaboration in product management can get confusing when multiple departments are involved. For example, there are discussions with finance for tracking current year performance and building business models, or interaction with business development to evaluate new partner solutions and vendors. Sharing content with legal is also necessary for reviewing master service agreements, change requests, amendments and marketing materials.


Box addresses internal collaboration by allowing the product manager to create a workspace where all materials related to a specific product reside. The necessary people from other departments can be given access to the content that is relevant to them. The product manager maintains access control via the varied access types as well the content itself. 

Figure 2: There are seven levels of access when inviting a user into a given workspace.


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