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1. Create your own work folder to use for your private files. This folder is where you can store personal notes, job aides and work in progress.  Create your own folder and name it “John Smith Personal Workspace”.


2. Next, create a private folder for the department you are leading. Create sub-folders for different courses being taught, and invite professors and graduate student instructors as collaborators into folders for classes they are currently teaching.  This ensures that only the users directly involved with that class can see and collaborate on the content. 

Figure 1: All content related to each course will live in a collaborative folder.

3.  Create an Archive folder where you can keep relevant material for previous classes and records. Tag this content by the semester and year, so it is easier to search later on. This way, you will have a cleaner folder structure in Box, and make it easier to sync only relevant content for offline access.

4. In each course’s folder, the professor can create a student portal to share resources with students, and receive completed assignments. Box’s granular permission settings and versioning tools will be very important when creating this layout. If your first folder includes resources that you would like students to be able to view and download, but not edit or alter, then invite students into this folder with a Viewer permission level. Invite your students into a second folder for uploading finished assignments as an Uploader, so they will be unable to view other students’ assignments or change their own once submitted, without a new version appearing.

Figure 2: Invite collaborators to different folders with the appropriate permission level. Add students as Viewers for folders including resources, and Uploaders to folders you would like them to submit assignments to.

Figure 3: The Email Options tab lets you create an email address for the folder that studnets can submit content to. Be sure to disable notifications for your collaborators, so other student's don't receive emails for their classmates submitting assignments.

Create a department-wide folder for sharing more general content such as HR/ IT documents, guides, templates, and other common documents. 

When you add content to Box, make sure to add tags to easily sort content. You can also fill out a description of files and folders that enhances the searchability of your content.

Figure 4: You can add more than one tag to a file or folder.

7. Assign different security properties to your to folder structure and specify what rights and roles users have in your system.  A professor for a class should be a folder owner or co-owner with graduate student instructors assuming an Editor role. Students should be viewers or uploaders, depending on the folder they are collaborating in. Using groups in Box will make the process of assigning users to folders easier than individually adding users to every folder they need access to.

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