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While certain areas of employee management are unique to HR, many other aspects of employee management require collaboration with other internal business units.  Some examples include recruiting, performance management, employee relations and compliance.  Box’s social workflow capabilities allow HR departments to effectively collaborate with internal business units on critical processes.

1. Let’s say that your company is nearing the year’s end and each internal department needs to complete the annual employee performance review process.   Within your ‘Performance Reviews’ root level folder, create subfolders for each department involved in the performance review process.

Figure 1: Organize your departments and roles that require a performance review.

2. Let’s say that there are four individual financial analysts that need to be reviewed by the Finance Director.  Simply invite the Finance Director into the ‘Financial Analyst Reviews’ Folder with ‘Editor’ access.


3. Once the Finance Director is a collaborator in the folder, assign the director a task to update the performance review document with a due date.


Figure 2: Use Box's social workflow capabilities within each file stored in Box.

4. The Finance Director will receive an email notifications with the new task, as well as a message notification in Box.

Figure 3: The messages icon in Box will show new tasks assigned to a user.

5. Once the Finance Director has completed the performance review, the director can enter a comment and complete the task in Box.

Figure 4: Enter a comment and complete the assigned task.

6. The HR resource will receive a message in Box when the task has been completed.


Section Summary

Box’s social workflow capabilities allow HR departments to initiate processes with other internal departments.  By creating workspaces and uploading files to Box, HR representatives can assign tasks and deadlines for department heads, all within the Box environment.  HR can track these tasks and keep assignees accountable, all without sending numerous emails and attachments.


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