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Box is an extremely simple and effective tool for prospecting potential hires at recruiting events.  With the use of your mobile device’s camera and the ability to upload pictures directly to Box, recruiters can quickly create an internal online forum in Box.  Your recruiting team can use Box’s social functionality to take notes on prospects and gather valuable feedback from your peers.

1. Use your mobile device’s camera function to take a picture of each prospect that arrives at your recruiting event.  Upload these photos to a designated recruiting events folder in Box from your mobile device.

Figure 1: Capture and upload photos directly on your Box for iPad app.

2. After the event, upload these photos to a designated recruiting events folder in Box from your mobile device.

Figure 2: Upload pictures of your prospects to a designated recruiting events folder.

3. When all the pictures are uploaded, generate a shared link in order to share the folder with your internal colleagues.

Figure 3: Generate a shared link by clicking on "Link."

4. To ensure that the shared link can only be accessed by your internal peers, select ‘Your Company’.  Now, only users with your company’s email address will be able to access this folder via the shared link.  Don’t forget that you can further customize your shared link by creating a custom URL.  

Figure 4: Customize the security of your shared links.

As an additional security layer, select the ‘Turn download off’ feature to ensure that your prospects’ photos stay secure in Box. 


5. Send your customized shared link to all internal employees that attended the event.  Those that access the shared link will be able to see the pictures and add feedback via Box’s comment functionality.  

Figure 5: Use the commenting feature to gather feedback on your prospects.

*Note – If you need the feedback within the comments to be confidential, you can set this at the folder level in Box.  Simply select the ‘Hide Collaborators’ feature on the security tab within folder properties.  Now, all the collaborators outside of the folder owner and co-owner will see the name ‘Someone’ on every comment.


Figure 6: Hide Collaborators within this folder to make comments confidential.


Section Summary

Box’s commenting capabilities are a simple way to create an online forum and gather feedback from your peers.  With Box, recruiters now have a powerful tool to automate the feedback process after a recruiting event.  All you need is a mobile device, the Box app, a folder to store pictures and a shared link with the proper security settings.

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