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Box gives you several ways to find information.

  • Try full text search. The easiest way to find content from a previous project or shared asset library is to use Box’s full text search engine. Start by typing what you remember about the content, such as the filename, folder name, text from the document or information in the description. Box’s search engine will refine and filter the results and point you to the information you are looking for.
  • Search with tags. Tags allow you to add content keywords for search, indexing and retrieval. Your organization can give all folders an appropriate tag, such as “Assets,” “Design Project” or “Mockups.” People can also use their own tags to create their own views into content.
  • Use advanced search. You can refine search results by files, folders, date, size, name and location in Box. 

Figure 1: This search uses the file, folder name, and relevancy to retrieve results.


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