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What is the best way to prepare design folders?

Here are the recommended permissions for different roles:

  • Design requester, customer, or member of a business unit - Viewer / Uploader
  • Design Team Member – Editor
  • Project manager – Folder Owner

How do I track versions of files?

You can track the versions of documents in Box natively, so there is no need to ‘save as’ and create many different versions of the same file. As you create new versions, Box will add a version number to the file. You can roll back to a previous version if you make any mistakes. This helps you to make sure you are working on the latest version of a file.

Can I access this content when I'm traveling?

Absolutely. Install Box Mobile for your mobile device or navigate to If you anticipate working offline for an extended period of time, you can favorite a folder for offline access in the Box Mobile app. This lets you store a local copy of the content on your mobile device. When combined with a strategy for Box Sync, you can be sure that you always have access to your content.

What other forms of advanced search does Box support?

You can use the following operators to fine-tune results when using Full Text Search in Box.


["phrase search"] – finds the exact phrase

[word word] – finds files that contain both these words, in any order.

[full OR text] – finds files that contain either of these two (or more) words

[this -that] – finds files with "this" but not "that"

[air*] – finds "air", "airplane", "airplanes," etc.


Why should I share content using Box?


When you share content using Box, Box lets you know when your client views or downloads a document.  It adds date and time stamps to all activities. Box also keeps you up-to-date as to what is happening with your content. Your team will be notified when a new file or file version has been uploaded or when a comment has been made to a file –improving productivity and communication.


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