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Use Box to gather content, review information and collaborate in meetings. Using Box, executives and knowledge workers can maintain visibility into work items, gather feedback and seamlessly share information with colleagues involved in critical decision-making processes. 


At a high level, effective meetings require communication, preparation and facilitation. While Box cannot replace simple things like setting detailed agendas and avoiding redundant items, it offers a powerful platform for sharing and collaboration for all of your meetings.


Using Box is ideal for people who:

  • Have constant meetings, with regularly scheduled executive or board meetings
  • Collaborate and hold meetings with people in other locations
  • Want to know how and when key decisions were made in an organization
  • Use smartphones, tablets, laptops and mobile devices
  • Need a way to lock down and secure sensitive data
  • Are tired of emailing attachments minutes before a meeting deadline

Benefits of using Box to share and collaborate for meetings include:

  • Fast, easy access to meeting contents, materials and notes
  • Dramatically improved meeting productivity
  • Complete mobile workflow
  • Better security than paper documents


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