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1. Create a folder named Meetings at the root level in Box. Create subfolders for the different types of meeting in your organization. Since most meetings will be internal, you can set the folder access permissions to be available people at your organization only. Allow collaborators if you are working with external consultants, board members or advisors. 

Figure 1: Different meeting folders have different permissions, from open to collaborators only.

2. Create a folder for the meeting.  From a file and folder design perspective, you can either create subfolders for content in a meeting or store items flat and by date.

Figure 2: Store all content in one folder per meeting date.

3. Before a meeting, use Box to send agendas to participants. You can track who opens agendas and whether or not they review content using shared links. As a best practice, setting an agenda and sticking to it helps with productivity and time management. You can set different security permissions for attendees and specify rights within a particular meeting folder.


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