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Financial services institutions are all trying to strike a delicate balance: How do we spend more time with our customers while also maintaining operational excellence and providing the best possible customer service?  We believe that Box’s cloud content management platform fills these needs in the dynamic world of financial services.

"We view Box as the platform that we want to build on top of. It's great for end users who just want to use it through a web browser, but if we can automate processes, we want to do that, using Box as the glue."

- Joshua Brewster, IT Project Manager, Broadview Mortgage


Relationship banking and wealth management require you to be in front of your best customers.  Box has long been a leader in enabling sales professionals across industries to meet their customers and present sales collateral from any device. 



But how does this relate to financial services?  Bankers and wealth managers can enjoy all the same benefits that Box offers sales representatives.  Additionally, Box also provides industry professionals with electronic workflow capabilities.  Box is a solution that can help retail branch managers fulfill their branch responsibilities while also allowing them to spend more time with their customers.



Box is ideal for:

  • Mobile enablement – Bankers and wealth managers need to be in front of their customers while also fulfilling their day-to-day responsibilities.  Box enables easy access to customer information, collaboration with branch staff and presentation tools for customer visits, all while working from a mobile device.
  • External collaboration with customers – Industry professionals all need the ability to gather and send confidential information securely.  Box offers the ability to send confidential information to external parties while keeping customer information safe and secure.
  • Internal collaboration among branches – Box’s collaboration tools are ideal for financial institutions rolling out new processes and operational standards.  Branches can all contribute to the same document while not worrying about version corruption because Box stores all past versions in a stack that can be easily reviewed and monitored.
  • Loan automation – Box’s file sharing tools allow banks to further automate the loan processing workflow.  Loan departments can use Box’s workflow capabilities to collaborate on loan documents both internally and externally.

The benefits of Box are:

  • Mobile enablement = More time with your customers
  • Improved productivity with electronic workflow
  • Content collaboration among multiple branches
  • Loan and account process automation



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