How and when to designate Group Admins



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The Groups tool allows you to scale your account by granting blanket permission to a sub-set of your users. You can decide to designate key people to be Group Admins to help you manage and monitor these clusters of users. Designate a user as a Group Admin if he or she needs to only manage a subset of your users.

You can appoint specific group members to be “Group Admins” from the Access Level drop-down. 

A Group Admin will have a miniature version of the Admin Console that only affects the users inside of their Group. Responsibilities of a Group Admin include:

  • Logging into group member accounts for auditing
  • Creating new user accounts in the group
  • Managing group member accounts
  • Creating folder access for the group
  • Reporting on their group's activity

A good Group Admin candidate is someone who needs oversight into a subset of users without needing to make changes to the account as a whole. Potential Group Admins are:

  • Department Heads
  • Team Leads/Project Managers
  • HR Personnel
  • Regional Leads

For example, if you have a group called “Marketing,” the head of the department would be a good choice for a Group Admin so he or she could manage the group’s folder access and monitor their activity.

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