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A bank’s loan process is often cumbersome and overwhelming for customers.  Every bank has its own unique application process.  Let’s say you have an important customer that wants your personal assistance to walk them through the mortgage loan application process.  With Box, you can visit your most important customers and walk them through your bank’s loan workflow on your mobile device.


1. Create a folder structure that categorizes your bank’s various loan products.  Be sure to populate these folders with all the information and content that your customer needs.  With Box for Ipad, you can present this information to your customers in person.

Figure 6: Organize your bank's loan information in Box


Figure 7: Populate your folders with loan information to show your customers

2. As you walk through the loan process with your customer on your Ipad,  use a Box OneCloud app to make any annotations to your bank’s PDF forms.  You can open one of these apps directly from Box.

An app such as PDF Expert on the Ipad allows bankers to do the following:

  • Highlight special fields or make any reminders to your customers directly on the form. 
  • Complete the loan application with your customer on the spot.

Figure 8: Annotate your forms with notes and reminders directly on your iPad

3. On your iPad, upload the form back to Box.  Within PDF Expert, find the “Save back to Box” option.  You will be re-directed back to Box on your iPad.  Here, you will see the form with your annotations.

Figure 9: Upload the final form directly back to Box

Now that this form is updated, send the form directly to your customer via a shared link.  This way, your customer will receive an email with a link to the annotated form.  Of course, this can all be done directly on your iPad.

Figure 10: Upload the final form directly back to Box

Box’s mobile capabilities allow bankers to not only present information to customers on their Ipads, but also modify and send bank forms on the spot.
  Box can help make your customer visits even more productive with its file preview capabilities and OneCloud apps.  Your customer will love the Box for Ipad experience and the security of receiving a link straight to the annotated form.

"I have an iPad, an iPhone, and a laptop. Whatever I'm using, there's one location where I can get everything--Box. I don't access my hard drives, I don't save anything on local drives, and I don't save anything on network drives at work." 

- Mike Clinton, CFO, Loring Ward


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