Using Box Bookmarks



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You can save shared links to Box content as bookmarks, helping you quickly find heavily accessed files and folders without needing to filter through layers of sub-folders.

  1. Create a folder in your personal workspace or on your All Files page titled something you can easily find (ex: ! My Favorites)
  2. When visiting a file or folder that you go to every day copy the shared link.
  3. In your ! My Favorites folder click on the New button and select New Bookmark. A small pop-up appears. 
  4. Paste the shared link to your favorite file or folder in this pop-up. This action will create a bookmark to that file or folder.
  5. Your new ! My Favorites folder now provides a quick way to navigate to your favorite content.

Note: The bookmarks contained in your favorites folder cannot be synced as Box Sync ignores web-based documents.

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