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1. Need to share content with vendors, advertising agencies, stores or other retailers? Invite external partners into your Box environment. Use different access levels to manage which collaborators can upload, preview, download, edit and delete content.  You can create a virtual deal room, where bidders can only see their own names and the folder owner as participants.


In the example below, Greenfield Sales will be opening a new store in 2015. To start the construction bidding, Greenfield Scooters creates a folder with the necessary blueprints and material take offs. Internal collaborators have Editor access and bidders are invited with Uploader access, which allows them to submit bids without changing other content. 

Figure 1: Greenfield Scooters creates a folder for the new store. 

Figure 2: In a deal room, the bidder can only see themselves and the folder owner as participants.

2. Consolidate collaboration. You can manage conversations and track file versions all in the same Box environment. Execute contracts using e-signature app integrations with apps such as DocuSign. See our tips in Box for Virtual Deal Rooms for more information on how to securely manage deals with external partners.


3. Streamline signatures. Bring the paperless functionality of e-signature apps directly into Box using DocuSign. 

Figure 3: Integrate DocuSign with Box for paperless convenience and collaboration.

"The #1 benefit of Box is ease of use - both for us and for our partners. Box has certainly saved us money, but more importantly, it's saved us time and energy."
Bill Bocash, IT Manager, Stonewall Kitchen
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