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Would you use your personal email account to send messages important customers? Would you make lengthy personal phone calls from your work phone? If not, then why would you use your personal Dropbox account to store critical business information?

Use Box to replace Dropbox and access your content from anywhere. Store your files in the cloud and sync them to your desktop so that they are quickly and easily available.  Set granular access permissions and create online workspaces to collaborate with colleagues. With an enterprise-ready solution like Box, you have access to centralized administrative capabilities like advanced user management, group permissions, reporting and enhanced security options.

Migrating from Dropbox to Box should be an easy and seamless transition.

Box is ideal for previous Dropbox users who need an enterprise-grade solution to:

  • Store personal work files and business data in the cloud
  • Access their content from anywhere
  • Sync folders to their desktop for offline access
  • Share and collaborate on content with team members

Using Box delivers the following capabilities:

  • Configure global settings through a centralized administrative console
  • Manage user access and group permissions for content
  • Collaborate in online workspaces using workflow tools and file versioning
  • Use advanced search and tag filters to navigate content
  • Gain visibility into all organizational content


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