Using Box to Address SOX Compliance Challenges



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At a high level, Box gives internal parties and 3rd party auditors seamless access to critical information for auditing and verification.

  1. Full Text Search – Use keywords, tags and semantic search to discover information in documents, file names, comments and more. This significantly reduces the time required to find and produce content.
  2. Integrated preview – Once a document is located, you may preview the content directly in your browser, without needing the original software application.
  3. Full audit trail – Box tracks and logs every file, folder and action. You will have a record of all versions of the files; you can see precisely when changes occurred and who was working with your critical information.
  4. Reporting and analytics – Box tracks nearly 50 facets of user activities and can report on them by date, time, user, group and folder. In seconds, you can have a complete report of all system activity that deals with SOX-related documents and export it to open data formats (.CSV) for 3rd party validation.
  5. Social workflow – Mention users, assign tasks, add comments and work with content context directly in Box. Previously much of this work would have to be completed by email, but with Box the conversation follows your content.
  6. Visibility into all files – Search across the entire company to locate content and quickly view files owned by each user.
  7. External sharing – Invite auditors and outside counsel to collaborate and work with you in a shared folder.


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