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Sign Off on Reviews and Document Control with EchoSign

Box is integrated with a variety of digital signature solutions, including Adobe EchoSign. These solutions let authorized signers put their legally binding electronic signatures on documents. They also store an auditable history of how documents were signed. 

1. To send files from your Box account, right click on a document in your Box account, select Get e-signed and log in to your EchoSign account. 

Figure 1: Create the signature field in the document.

2. Enter the recipient’s name and send the file. They will receive an email with a link to the document. Once they sign it electronically, you will receive an email notification with a link to the signed, validate document.

Figure 2: The recipient signs the document.

The entire record is logged, reportable, and auditable. Unlike a paper signature, a digital signature is attributable and can’t be changed:

Figure 3: Track the signature history.


You can also send Box files within EchoSign. Just click +More on the EchoSign Send page. You'll be able to automatically grab your Box files and sign them or send them out for e-signature on the EchoSign web site.

Use EchoSign on your iPad or mobile device to get e-signatures immediately when you are in front of a client.


Create a Compliance Dashboard with SmartSheet

Smartsheet gives executive teams a single place to develop a corporate strategy and track stakeholder approval of vision, mission, objectives and tactical initiatives. Share these projects across senior management, department heads and board members, and instantly link project tasks to content in Box.


Figure 4: SmartSheet looks and feels like a spreadsheet.



For SOX compliance tracking, Smartsheet offers an at-a-glance dashboard of all of your pending tasks, reviews what controls are in place, and reminds people to submit and review content on a regular basis.


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