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Telecom companies use Box as a centralized content platform for every user, helping employees, contractors, and third-party vendors work more productively.  Box supports all stages of the business development process, the vendor relationship, and the product lifecycle, allowing companies to focus on results and company initiatives like driving customer engagement.


Box provides secure access to the latest documentation via any device, allowing mobile workers to attend meetings and view content on their tablet without the bulk of a laptop or printouts. Internal project teams can share and manage information across departments, ensure document versions are preserved and approvals are promptly provided. Remote employees (in the field or at home) can access their content securely without the hassle or restrictions of VPN or firewalls via Box’s web interface or mobile applications.


Given the breadth and scope of telecom companies, we will focus on the departments listed below when discussing how Box is leveraged. Our examples will center on the wireless telecom business unit but strong similarities can be drawn with other BUs.

Internal Departments

  • Product Development (core products, secondary services)
  • Executives (board room meetings)
  • Sales (field sales representatives, retail locations)

Using Box is ideal for employees who:

  • Work on cross-departmental projects
  • Need instant access to the most recent project plans, marketing collateral and presentations no matter where you are or what device you use
  • Interact with third-party vendors
  • Work at remote project sites or locations
  • Rely on mobile devices for access to content
  • Need a streamlined approval and feedback process


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