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What if I use JIVE, Tibbr, Connections, Yammer or another social tool?

The same basic concepts apply, but each social platform has its own nuances, features and integration points with Box.


When do I use Box?

This will depend on your organization. Other Box customers are successfully using Box for enterprise content collaboration, content creation, and search, file sharing, replacing email attachments and working with external parties.


When do I use Chatter?

Chatter is great for an employee directory, simple Q&A, instant messaging, polls and idea sharing.



Which tool do I use?

That depends on which use cases Box and Chatter are addressing. Successfully deployments will clearly document what to use when based on use cases.

Why can't I just use comments in Box?


This question will come up. It is more of a planning and governance decision than a technical one. Individuals tend to gravitate to the easiest and simplest tool for a given task, so be aware that some people will not follow your recommendations.


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