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1. Present and share content using or Box Mobile. You can use Box to preview PowerPoint slides, PDFs, Word documents, spreadsheets, videos, audio and images. You can present information directly from Box without having to worry about native applications. You can also present the same content from your iPad or tablet.


Figure 1:  View content in full screen view for best results.

2. In the Box web interface, take notes in a web doc or Google Doc. This tracks your notes along with other content in the meeting, giving you a searchable record that you can easily share with others after the fact.


Take Notes in the Notability App on Your iPad

Notability is a versatile app that allows you to capture ideas and notes with handwriting, text and drawing tools to fully document a meeting. Here are a few items that you might test for your organization.

  • Select from a variety of brush styles and paper to capture handwritten notes.
  • Open and annotate PDF documents and save them back to Box.
  • Use bullet points, numbered lists and spellcheck to take accurate and organized notes for sharing.
  • Click the Record button to record voice notes or the entire meeting.
  • Import existing notes and documents from your Box account into Notability for editing.



Figure 2: Notability is available in the App Store and works with Box OneCloud

Project From Your iPad Using SlideShark


SlideShark allows you to connect PowerPoint files to their service, from your Box Mobile app or the Box web interface. SlideShark maintains all formatting including fonts, transitions and animations to accurately display your media rich presentations.

Figure 3: SlideShark is a free app and works with Box OneCloud.

Have Everyone Share the Same Screen with Conference Pad

Using the Conference Pad application, one presenter can simultaneously mirror their screen with up to 15 other devices over Wi-Fi. With Box, you can transfer files to the app and share them with other participants.

Figure 4: Conference Pad works best when everyone is in the same room for a meeting.

Publish Content

1. Before the meeting, make sure attendees know that they won’t be getting paper slide decks and binders of information. Instead, they can access the latest copy of all documents in Box.



2. After the meeting, place all notes, scanned documents, photos, videos and final slides in the designated meeting folder. With a single, secure point of access, you can set content expiration and password protection for secure sharing. You can also embed individual files or folders into your website or blog and share content on social networks like Jive, Chatter or Twitter. 

3. Move or copy finalized content to other folders and share them with others. Once a meeting is completed, you might need to move content to different locations in Box. You can either use the Move /Copy dialogue or create a shortcut to the file by creating a new Web Bookmark in Box.


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