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What is the best way to prepare folders?

Here are the recommended permissions for different roles:

Administrative assistant or non-board personnel - Viewer / Uploader

Board Member – Editor

Corporate secretary, Board President or Executive – Folder Owner


How do I track versions of documents?


You can track the versions of documents in Box natively, so there is no need to “save as” and create many different versions of the same file. With each new version, Box appends a version number to the file. You can roll back to a previous version if you make any mistakes. This helps you be sure you are working on the latest version of a document.


I remember talking about an item at a meeting last month, how do I find it?


Use Box’s robust search engine to search for the item name and then sort the results by date.


Can I access this content when I'm traveling?


Absolutely. Install Box Mobile for your preferred device, or navigate to If you anticipate working offline for an extended period of time, or know a meeting will occur in an area without Internet access, you can “favorite” a folder for offline access in the Box Mobile to store a local copy of the content. 


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