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How do I know what content still has business value?

If you haven’t accessed or modified content in over a year, chances are the content is no longer valuable for ongoing collaboration and social sharing. You can sort files in Explorer or Finder to see when content was last modified.

I'm stuck getting content out of my old system, what do I do?

You are not alone in your content migration – the Box team is here to help you. Send an email to your customer success manager or visit if you need our help in moving your content and planning how and what to migrate.

How do I know how many files I have?

In Windows, right click on a folder and choose Properties. On a Mac, choose Get Info from the File menu.

Figure 1: This folder contains 1,187 files in 382 folders.

How do I create an external password to access 3rd party applications that don't support SSO?

Under My Account, go to Account Settings. Under the first Account and Billing tab, you’ll find a section called Create External Password.


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