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I want to move my business content to Box from Dropbox; where do I start?

We provide our customers with best practices and strategies to migrate their content from other solutions over to Box.  Here is a link to our best practice on migrating from Dropbox to Box.

What are the advantages for an administrator in using Box?

Use Box’s robust search engine to search the full text of your content, and then sort the results by date or relevance. Run reports on adoption statistics and security reports of failed log-ins and activity on your end-users. 

Can I access this content when I'm traveling?

Absolutely. Simply install Box Mobile for your preferred device.

What if I don't have internet access? Doesn't it make more sense to store content on my laptop?

If you anticipate working offline for an extended period of time or know a meeting will occur in an area without Internet access, you can “favorite” a folder for offline access in the Box Mobile app. This stores a local copy of the content.  Also, don’t forget that Box Sync and Tagle allow you to have offline access to your most critical documents.


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