Phase 4 - Deploy to Users



Get Training

1. Customize User Guides

There are two types of general guides available: admin and user guides. You can distribute these to your team, or amend them to include the best practices appropriate to your workflow.

2. Train Internal Help Desk

Like many business account admins, you may prefer that your company’s help desk provide first-level support for users. If so, you can arrange to have the Client Services team at Box show your staff how to troubleshoot common issues and escalate more serious ones to our in-house Support team. If you’re interested in this service, please contact your account executive.

3. Deploy User Adoption Program

We provide a suite of tools in the Box Help Site to make it happen: You’ll see video tutorials covering foundation skills, best practices documents and training opportunities available for you and your users. Plus, we’re always updating the site with new material!

These resources are designed to teach account navigation and best practices, plus basic and advanced account functions, including:

  • Uploading content
  • Accessing/editing content
  • Collaborating
  • Account-specific security restrictions
  • Box Sync and mobile apps
  • Integrations

4. Train Users

You can send your users to one of Box’s general training sessions, but you can also contact your account executive if you are interested in scheduling a customized session for your organization.

Once your users are set up and ready to go, you’re ready to move on to the next stage!

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