Phase 5 - Optimize



Get Training

1. Review Best Practices and Future Use Cases

Now that your deployment’s done, take some time to analyze how your users work with Box, and develop the procedures that are best for your team. And it’s never too early to start thinking about how we can help further down the road.

Want to see what other businesses are doing with Box? Take a look.

2. Partner with Support

Seeing any technical problems with your account? No problem – just get in touch with our excellent Support team by clicking the Help link under My Account.

3. Continue End User Adoption Activities

As more people in your organization start using Box, they can use the same tips and tricks in Stage 4. And don’t forget: You can always contact your account executive if you need to arrange for further training.

4. Conduct Check-ins

Your account executive will be in touch to make sure things are running smoothly and provide information on new product features and releases. It’s also important to check in with your team so that you can adjust Box to fit the needs of your company as it changes over time. Plus, as an admin, you have a wide variety of reports available to you to help monitor the activity in your Box account.




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