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Tired of emailing back and forth? Use discussions to have conversations about projects and content.

1. As content is uploaded to Box, you can comment on information the same way as you do in discussions. Simply type @ and mention a person you are collaborating with. If you are not yet collaborating with someone on content or a folder, invite them so you can start sharing information.

Figure 1: Box captures running comments and version updates a complete auditable history.

2. Do you need someone to review an important file on a deadline? Assign a task to a file in Box. Box will notify people that there is work to do. You can assign tasks to multiple people at once.  Integrate tasks with your Google calendar when reviewing tasks and working on deadlines.

Figure 2:  Click Assign Tasks to have a collaborator review, update or approve a file.

Not sure what you need to do next? Select Tasks in the Box sidebar to see any tasks assigned to you, any tasks you created that are waiting on other people and deadlines associated with content.  This is particularly valuable if you would like to see who has opened and reviewed content and who still needs to complete tasks.

Figure 3: Clicking on Tasks gives you an at-a-glance list of current tasks that need to be completed.

Share your brand, store visuals and marketing campaigns within Box. Consider using applications such as Web Albums or PhotoStackr for simple, fast and elegant ways to share visual content such as photos and videos.


Figure 4: Greenfield Scooters shares merchandising plans with store associates for consistent store displays.


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