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Sales is an anywhere, anytime discipline- and Box will help you sell from everywhere. For the modern salesperson, the office is at Starbucks, 37,000 feet in the air, or anywhere that is connected to the Internet. Box provides today’s workforce with a simple way to securely access and share content from anywhere at any time, on any device, while maintaining the rigorous security standards that enterprises demand.

In Q3 2013, Box was named a leader in Mobile Collaboration by the analyst research firm Forrester.

Box is ideal for sales teams that:

  • Want access to the most up to date customer, product and competitive data
  • Need to be mobile – work on a plane, in hotel rooms and face to face with customers
  • Use data driven sales techniques to know what content is most useful to the sales process
  • Sell solutions and provide education to prospects and customers

Benefits for sales organizations:

  • See what content is most valuable to prospects  - access statistics and email notifications
  • Build trusted relationships
  • Identify and close opportunities rapidly
  • Manage, measure, and refine the sales process
  • Social workflow- easily involve other parts of your team to help you close a deal


55% of sales teams reported that their average user saves 30-60 minutes or more per week by sharing, searching for and collaborating on files with Box.
 Source: TechValidate. TVID: 19D-D02-D32

What does life look like without Box?

  • Dispersed content- wastes time and resources searching for content in multiple places like shared drives and personal sharing services
  • Inefficient file sharing- hinders internal collaboration and external sharing when users rely on outdated tools (email attachments, FTP, VPN)
  • Lack of platform integrations – prevents top sales reps from connecting content to other productivity applications
  • Dispersed workforces- constrains the new knowledge workers who are unable to access content from anywhere on any device.
Sales teams save an average of $3,123 per user per year by using Box.
Source: TechValidate. TVID: C1F-78D-5BA

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