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1. Whether you rely on a bring your own device model  (BYOD) or provide technology to your sales force, Box can serve as the content layer that supports content access and creation on mobile devices.


2. The Box application can be found in the iTunes App store, Google Play, and corporate app stores for download. Once you install the application, you can access all of your Box files and content – both online and offline. 

Figure 1: Start by downloading the Box app.

3. If you are looking for content, you can use the integrated search engine to easily retrieve and preview files. By clicking the star button, content is saved for offline access- perfect for travel and when you need information when you aren’t connected to the Internet.

Figure 2: Keep your device's storage in mind when saving for offline.

4. Once you find the content you are looking for, you will see additional options to print, share, and comment on a file.



5. The ‘Open In’ button allows you to easily extend your Box content to other business and productivity applications. For example, you can open a contract in Box Mobile, and open it in the Docusign app to get it signed. Or- take a PowerPoint document that you are presenting to a client, and edit it with SlideShark.


Figure 3: OneCloud apps must be enabled by your Box administrator.


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