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Determine the Preferred Content Submission Process

How you set up the folder structure and permissions will depend on how people submit content to your site.  There are three main options for accepting content submissions in Box:  

  1. Have people email files to a Box folder
  2. Embed a Box file upload widget or use a partner tool such as Bizodo or LincDoc
  3. Add a collaborator with upload-only rights

Email Files to Folder

  1. With a few clicks, you can configure any folder in Box to receive email attachments.
  2. Navigate to the folder that you want to receive content via email. (You might give the folder a descriptive name such as “Incoming Bids.”)
  3. Go to Folder Options on the top right.
  4. Choose Upload To This Folder.
  5. Hover over and select Email Files To This Folder.
  6. Select Allow Uploads via Email and copy the email address to your clipboard.
  7. Save this email address as a contact in your email client.

Anytime you or someone else sends an email to this specific email address, the attachments – and only the attachments – will automatically upload to that particular folder.

Anytime you or someone else sends an email to this specific email address, the attachments – and only the attachments – will automatically upload to that particular folder.

Embed a File Upload Widget or Use an eForm
If you want to direct contributors to your website or an external form to upload content, then you have two options: either embed Box’s upload widget on your website or work with an external app like Bizodo.  Both options are described below.

Using an Embedded Upload Widget

Figure 1: It's very simple to create an upload widget like the one you see above.

Box gives you the HTML code to embed a widget to turn any webpage or blog into a tool for delivering files to individual Box folders. 

  1. Click into the folder that you want to receive the content via widget upload.
  2. Go to Folder Options on the top right.
  3. Choose Embed Upload Widget.
  4. Revise the settings as you see fit, then copy the HTML to paste elsewhere.


Using this widget you can securely receive files from a website and direct them to the right location in your Box account.

Creating an Online Form with Bizodo
Bizodo is an online form builder that you can use to easily create online forms to collect information. By adjusting settings you can seamlessly synchronize any files you collect online with the Box folder of your choice. Bizodo can upload files directly to Box; each form submission can be saved as a PDF while appending a .CSV file with entries for easy reporting. 

Bizodo is great tool for capturing user responses along with files. Examples include a job application to which the application needs to answer questions and submit a resume or a refund request that requires user responses along with pictures of the product or receipt.

Figure 2: Bizodo is fully integrated with Box.

Invite Collaborators with Upload-Only Rights

In the first two options described above, you’re accepting content from people that have no Box accounts and may not even know they are submitting to a Box folder.  This third option gives you additional visibility and security around who is uploading content, while also allowing contributors to take advantage of version history.

Here’s how you invite an Upload-Only Collaborator in Box:

1. Select the Folder in which you want to receive the uploaded content.


2. On the right pane, click on Advanced Options.

3. Insert the uploader’s email address and change the access type to Uploader.

4. Choose Invite.

Once you press the Invite button, Box sends the recipient in the invite field an email informing them that you would like to work with them in this folder. If this person does not already have a Box account, Box will prompt them to create a free account. 

Once the recipient connects to their Box account, they will find the folder to which you invited them in their main Box folder/ All Files and Folders page.  When the person clicks into the submission folder, they will be able to see the names of all the files and subfolders in that folder, along with the names of the other collaborators.

 Figure 3: Users can add content, but not invite other collaborators.

Notice that the ability to invite collaborators is also greyed out. When someone with the Uploader role tries to click on a document in the folder, nothing will happen.

You can also hide the collaborators, so people working in the folder will only be able to see themselves and the folder owner.  To enable this view:

  1. Click into the folder for which you want to hide collaborators.
  2. Go to the Folder Options on the top right.
  3. Choose Folder Properties, then Security.
  4. Under Restrictions, choose Hide Collaborators.

The three workflow options above – emailing files to a folder, embedding a widget, or working with upload-only collaborators – offer different strategies for receiving content from anyone directly to your Box folder.


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