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Use Box to search the content you need.  Search is applicable to anybody, anywhere, anytime.  When you need a document, chances are you want to find the document as quickly as possible. 

At a high level, the content within Box is indexed.  This means that when you search for a document, it doesn’t only look at the title of the document for a match.  Box Search will actually look into the content within the document, and will help you make sure you find what you need as quickly as possible. 


Use search to:

  • Search your files and content as easily as you search your favorite websites
  • Work effectively with your content
  • Manage assets
  • Free yourself from the lack of findability on traditional servers
  • Be as productive as possible

Benefits of using Box Search in your day to day workflow include:

  • Fast, easy access to content, materials and notes
  • Dramatically improved productivity
  • Never having to worry about “too many folders” or “too many documents”
  • Avoiding replication clutter

How to Think About Search

Enterprise search is similar, yet different from consumer search. In our lives as consumers, you might search for something like “What movies are playing near 91360?” or “Recipe for slow cooked clam chowder”. This type of search is what is called semantic search, and looks at your intent to help provide the most relevant answers. This is really useful when you are looking for something.

The other most common search is when you know precisely what you are looking for, but are unsure of its location. For example, you might want to find a PDF document from a meeting you had in April of last year, but you just can’t find it. These types of searches factor in criterion like your folder structure (taxonomy), metadata (comments, tags, descriptions, dates, file types) and security to present you with the most precise and relevant results. Use this type of search when you are looking for something specific. 


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