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1. The advanced search filters add even more ways you can narrow down content. You can now filter search results by:

  • Folder - Filter results by the folder that the file may be in: 

Figure 1: The advanced search option to filter by folders makes it super intuitive when you know the general location of a file. In this case, I will limit the search to the Contracts folder since I know the contract I'm looking for is somewhere under the contracts repository.

  • Type of Content -  Retrieve a list of folders or specific file types such as audio, document, drawing, image etc.

Figure 2: The next advanced search to filter by file type makes searching even easier! Since I know there are variations of the contract (i.e. word document v. PDF), I can now filter for just the contract search results that are in PDF format.

  • Content – Filter by where the text may be, such as content, name, comment or description
  • Date– Look for documents updated on a specific date, or in a certain date range (before, after or between)
  • Sizes– Filter search results by document size
  • Owner – Filter by documents or folders owned by a particular individual

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