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Full text search. The easiest way to find content for collaborated content or personal files is to use Box’s full text search engine. Start by typing what you remember about the content, such as the project name, file name, folder name, text from the document, or information in the description. Box’s search engine allows you to refine and filter the results and points you in the right direction of where the content could be.

Figure 1: Search uses folder and file name, description, and tags to return results.

Tags. Use tags to organize content for search, indexing and retrieval. You can tag all folders with appropriate labels, such as “OEMs”, “Retail Stores” or “Presentations.” People can use their tags to create contextualized views into content.

Figure 2: Tags can help you organize your content by associating contextual categories and keywords to make searching easier.

Advanced Search. You can refine Box search results by file type, folder, date, size, and owner.

Figure 3: Search results can be granularly refined based upon several criteria.

Jump to Folder. A quick way to navigate your folder tree.


Figure 4:  Jump to Folder allows you to jump directly to the workspace you are looking for.


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