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Just as you have a personal email account and a work email account, Box won’t be the only productivity tool you use. If you have content streams from multiple locations, there are two key ways to link this content with Box. Openera gives you a single interface to access content from your email, Box and more. It automatically captures and sorts your email attachments into the proper folders in Box. 

Figure 1: Integrate Openera with your Box account.

All of these documents are searchable and easy to share from Box. To make things even more useful, all of the files are tagged and available in Openera as well.

Figure 2: Openera gives you another way to search content in Box and beyond.

Another option is Email to Folder, where a unique email address is generated for a specific folder. If an email with attachments is sent to this unique address, those attachments will automatically be uploaded into Box.

Figure 3: Email to Folder allows email attachments to be automatically uploaded to Box.

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