Bid Out Upcoming Projects to Your Vendors and Subcontractors



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Use Box to bid out upcoming projects to your preferred vendors and subcontractors.


1. Create a top level-bidding folder with subfolders for upcoming projects. Create a separate RFP subfolder for each of your vendors and subcontractors. This way no one will be able to see each other’s submitted and uploaded bids. 

Figure 1: As a best practice, create a folder for each bid.

2. Adjust the security settings on the top-level bidding folder. These security settings will trickle down to all subfolders. For full control and visibility, restrict who can invite collaborators and send shared links, as illustrated below.

Figure 2: You do not need to enable "Hide Collaborators" if you invite each vendor and subcontractor into their respective RFP folder.

3. Invite your vendors and subcontractors into their respective RFP folders as editors. They can then upload, download, edit and change content securely in their bid folders. Use Box’s social productivity tools (comments, tasks) to negotiate with the involved parties. Box will store and track all relevant content and conversations in one place.


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