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Are you looking to streamline your business workflow and collaborate with your internal team and customers in the smartest possible way? The combined Box and Chatter platform helps you communicate and socialize effectively around your managed content. Learn how to get started with Box and Chatter with this use case blueprint.

Integrating Box and Chatter is ideal for:

  • Customers who use Box to create and collaborate on content and use Chatter to socialize with team members
  • Use Box as a system for creating and sharing content, and for collaboration. Use Chatter for enterprise social
  • Use Box to create, share, search, store and secure content. Chatter will act as the platform for communication and socialization, improving how teams share all sorts of information, including enterprise content.

When you integrate Chatter and Box:

  • Box lets you create and collaborate on content
  • Sharing is done in Box and Chatter
  • Box replaces shared drives, my documents, Dropbox and silo’ed file shares
  • Chatter replaces email, wikis and other social tools
  • Box + Chatter = better productivity

How should you approach these two systems?

When To Use Box

  • Store active content that you are working on
  • Replace My Documents for documents, files and folders
  • Replace consumer file sharing tools
  • Share presentations and videos
  • Collaborate on project documents with teams
  • Replace email attachments with Box shared links
  • Collaborate on marketing campaigns
  • Share files easily
  • Have a single source of truth for all content
  • Access content on mobile devices
  • Share data with customers
  • Search all content using full text search and preview results
  • Sync folders for offline access
When To Use Chatter
  • Share your work from Box on Chatter
  • Get suggestions on products
  • Use Chatter as an employee directory
  • Give feedback on employee programs
  • Find and share competitive information
  • Collaborate on sales presentations
  • Find customer references

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