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Store and manage your content in Box and share it in Chatter. You can easily create and edit files using various Box applications and then post a Box shared link on your Chatter feed or share it in Chatter Group.

Create a Personal Work Folder in Box

1. Click the New button and select New Folder.

Figure 1: Create your new folder in Box


2. In the pop-up window that appears, enter the folder name. Select Keep privatefor now to make the folder private.

Figure 2: Give the folder a descriptive name.

3. To create sub-level folders, just click the top-level folder to open it and repeat the steps above.


Sync the Folder to Your Desktop

For a cross-platform productivity booster, use Box Sync to to automatically sync folders to your desktop.

1. To use Box Sync, download the app from the Mobile and Sync tab under Account Settings. Once installation is complete, a Sync folder will appear on your desktop.



2. In the More options menu of your personal folder, choose Sync Folder to Computer. The folder will appear in the Sync folder on your desktop. Any changes that you make to the files in this folder will automatically sync to Box.


Edit Files From the Web with Box Edit

Box Edit lets you create and edit content directly on Box using the native applications installed on your computer. If you can edit a file on your desktop, you can edit it on Box.

1. To use Box Edit, click on any file and select Edit to download the add-on.

2. Click Edit to open the file in its native application on your desktop.


3. Make your changes and then click Save to save a new version of the file directly back to Box.


Generate a Box Shared Link

1. Click Share next to any file or folder to create a unique link.

Figure 3: Creating a link to share the folder.

2. From the Access menu, select the @Your Company option to restrict link access to internal users.

Share the File in Chatter


1. Copy the shared link in Box.


2. Share the link on your Chatter Feed or in a Chatter Group.


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