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It’s easy to collaborate on files within a department or team with Box and Chatter. Work with your colleagues to review, revise and finalize a document and then share the result.


Creating and Managing Working Documents

1. Create a new project or department folder in Box.


2. Invite collaborators to the folder to create a team workspace. Mouse over the folder you’d like to share and click the drop-down arrow to the right of its name. Mouse over Share and then click Invite Collaborators.

Figure 1: Select the folder you want to collaborate on.

3. Enter the email addresses of the contacts you’re inviting to the folder when prompted.

4. Select an access type from the drop-down menu, then click Invite.

Figure 2: Invite collaborators to share the folder with you.

5. Upload working documents to the folder using the drag-and-drop, Upload Files and Bulk Upload tools.

  • Drag and Drop: Drag and drop individual files into the web application to upload them to the folder.
  • Upload Files: Click the Upload button and choose Upload Files. Select the file(s) from the pop-up window and click Open.
  • Bulk Upload: Click the Upload button and choose Upload Folders. Drag files or folders from your computer into the pop-up window or click Add Files. Then click Upload.

6. Create and edit working files in Box using Box Edit.

7. Assign a task to your colleagues in Box to have them review the document. Mouse over the desired file and click on the comments icon.

8. Click on Assign Task.

9. A text box will appear where you can enter a description and/or additional instruction.  Select the task type, assign the task to a collaborator and set a due date. Click Add when you’re finished and Box will send a notification email to the assignee.

Figure 3: Assign a task associated with a document.

10. Your colleagues can leave comments on the file or use Box Edit to make their own revisions.

  • To add a comment, mouse over the desired file and click on the comments icon.
  • Type in your thoughts and click Add comment.

Figure 4: Leave a comment on a document.

Publishing the Final Version of a Document

1. Generate a shared link for the final version of the document and post it on your Chatter Feed or in a Chatter Group.

2. Your colleagues can provide you with general feedback or participate in a discussion using comments in Chatter.

3. Embed Box in any Salesforce or Chatter page.


Managing Projects in Box and Chatter

Box and Chatter can help you manage your projects and keep them on track.

1. Create a Chatter Group for the project. Use this group to:


  • Collaborate with your project team through comments
  • Keep your colleagues up-to-date on the project with regular status updates
  • Post about upcoming deadlines or milestones

2. Create a folder in Box to store any and all content related to the project. Post Box shared links in your Chatter Group.

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