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With the Box and Chatter platform, all of your content will be easily accessible and navigable.

Resources for All Box Users

Create a folder in Box. For example, the “My Company” folder might house all company content, including the following resources:

  • HR Policies and Forms
  • Company Goals
  • Conference Room Information
  • Holiday schedule
  • Picnic photos

Share any of these resources in Chatter by posting a link to your feed or embedding the Box widget.


Discovering Content in Box and Chatter

Full-text search can be used in multiple ways from both the Box and Salesforce interfaces.

  • Search directly in Box: Search by keywords in Box to locate any file or folder.
  • Search in the Box Embed widget: If a Box folder has been embedded in any Salesforce or Chatter page, Box Search can be used within the widget to search the contents of the folder.
  • Search from the Box tab in Salesforce: The Box tab in Salesforce gives you with complete access to your Box account. From here, you can search for any content stored in Box.

Customer-specific content in Box is linked with the corresponding record in Salesforce, making it even easier for you to identify a customer-related file.

Content is made more discoverable when it is shared on your Chatter feed or in Chatter groups. Stay up-to-date with the newest and most interesting content by following your colleagues on Chatter.  


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