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Ready to move content to Box?  Proper preparation and planning are the most important parts of your implementation. To choose the right migration tool, you need to gather and understand your requirements and determine which content has business value. Once you have prepared and evaluated your content, migrating to Box is easy.


The strategies described in this document are designed for organizations or individuals who:

  • Have content sprawled across network drives, file shares and SharePoint document libraries
  • Are unsure about how they will move all of their relevant content to Box
  • Need to securely share data on legacy file storage with external parties
  • Need search and visibility into their content
  • Have a mix of files stored in file servers and across consumer tools and devices

Benefits of the Box migration:

  • All of your content is secured in Box
  • Only relevant content with existing business value will be migrated
  • You can access content in Box from all of your devices
  • You can decommission obsolete storage once you move its content to Box


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