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Drag and Drop Files

If you have 1-100 files, using drag and drop is the best option. It’s easy to drag and drop a file into the Box web application to upload it. Just make sure you are using Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 9+, Safari, or any browser that supports HTML5.

Log into the Box web application.  Select and drag the file into the folder you want to upload the file to – it will immediately begin to upload. At this time drag and drop only supports uploadinftpg files, not folders.

Figure 1: Box will show the status of the upload in the browser.

Box will let you know if the upload was successful.

Box Sync on Your Desktop to Transfer Personal Files

Use Box Sync for the files and folders you need to access when you are offline.

Syncing a large number of files and folders can degrade your computer’s performance. For this reason, we do not allow users to exceed the limits below:

  • Windows Sync v3. +: 40,000 files & folders maximum
  • Mac Sync v3. +: 40,000 files & folders maximum
  • Sync 4.0: 100,000 or more files & folders

1. Log into the Box web application via your browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.)  Click My Account and select Get Box Sync.


Figure 2: If you do not see this, contact your administrator.

Run the installer.

Figure 3: If you can't install applications, speak with your administrator.

3. Click Next.

4. Click Finish after Box Sync is installed.

There is now a folder on your computer called My Box Files. It should be located in your “My Documents” (or Favorites). Do not change the name of this folder. 

Figure 4: Set the location of My Box Files in the Box Sync settings.

To sync a folder to your desktop, you will need to open the More options menu and select Sync Folder to Desktop. You will need to be an Editor of the folder to sync it and the folder has to be a top or root folder (located in All Files and Folders).

Once you sync the folder, a blue sync ball appears on the bottom left corner of the folder icon.

You can now locate that folder in the Box web application using the browser.

Any changes you make in the folder on your desktop or in the browser/web application will be reflected in both places. This includes deletions. Be careful about deleting content from your My Box Files (desktop) folder, since that content will also be deleted for anyone else collaborating in that folder.

Upload Folders in Your Web Browser

Upload Folders is perfect for migrating up to 500 files at once. In the Box web application hover over the Upload button and select the Upload Folders option.

You can use Upload Folders as an opportunity to evaluate your current folder structure and redefine it as necessary in Box so that it is clutter-free and intuitive.

Before using Upload Folders, create your master folder structure in Box. Then populate these new folders with files using Upload Folders. Your master folder structure can serve as your guide as you migrate content into the account. Work with your admins and co-admins to build and test your folder structure before you start migrating content in bulk.

FTP Thousands of Files at Once

You can also send files to Box using passive FTP. Using FTP is ideal if you need to migrate around 100,000 files at one time.

1. Download the Filezilla FTP client.

2. Run the installation and follow instructions for Filezilla in Step 2. Be sure to choose an FTP client that supports passive (not active) FTP, as that is the only way you’ll be able to connect to Box.

3. Connect to Box using Filezilla.

Open Filezilla and enter the following information on the Quickconnect bar:

  • Host:
  • Username: your Box login email address
  • Password: your Box login password
  • Port: 990 for FTPS (implicit mode), 21 for standard FTP or FTPES (explicit mode)

Make sure that the default port (990 or 21) is open on your site. If your account uses SSO, you will need to create an external password in your account settings to access Box via FTP.

Note: Use port 21 for plain FTP or FTPES access, or 990 for a FTPS implicit connection. Transfers may be slower using this secure port.


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