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Embed a Box Folder Into SharePoint

You’ll need to configure SharePoint settings to allow embedded Box objects to function properly in your SharePoint environment.  Once you’ve set it up, you can bring Box content and actions into your SharePoint pages. 

You can find complete directions to embed a folder from Box to any web application at -make sure you understand the process before trying it in SharePoint.

1. Log into SharePoint as an administrator and navigate to SharePoint Central Administration

2. Navigate to Application Management, Manageweb applications

Figure 1: Select Manage Web Applications from the Application Management section.


3. Select the name of the site you want to embed the file to, such as ‘Portal Home’ and choose General Settings

Figure 2: Choose General Settings for the site.

3. Navigate to the Browser File Handling section and change the setting to Permissive. This enables Flash. It could pose a risk as users can open harmful content such as .FLV files in SharePoint without being prompted.

Figure 3: Changing Browser File Handling  settings.



4. Navigate to the page in your SharePoint portal where you want to embed the file or folder.

5. Before proceeding, return to Box and select the content you want to embed. Make sure that you have selected the appropriate the permissions, dimensions and view. Then copy the embed code to your clipboard.


Figure 4: Copy and paste the Box embed code to your clipboard.


6. On the SharePoint page you wish to edit, select Edit from the ribbon and select the HTML markup tool.

7. Paste the HTML copied from Box where you want the content to appear on your page. Test and verify that the embed looks and feels right.


Figure 5: Test and verify the embedded file.



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