Adding Value to SharePoint and Office 365 with Box: Key Use Cases



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Support BYOD with a consistent experience across all mobile platforms. Box enables true mobile productivity, with native apps on all mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. That means you get the rich capabilities of Box no matter what device you’re using, and have access to your content no matter where you are. The Box Platform also gives access to the more than 500+ mobile productivity apps in our OneCloud ecosystem, allowing you to extend the power of Box.


Enable simple, secure external collaboration. Most organizations need to share content with customers, partners, and contractors. Sending a file or folder via email isn’t collaborative or secure, and doesn’t allow you to apply detailed rules and permissions when content passes the firewall. Box allows admins and end users to apply granular controls to external collaboration, including 7 different permission levels, password protection on files and folders, and content expiration. Folders and files become shared, secure workspaces where everyone has access to the right content, without having to set up extranet sites or provision users.


Provide deep reporting and analytics around
content. Box’s intuitive interface extends to the admin
console, where administrators get a complete audit trail on content activity across the organization. Box tracks more than 50 user activities, including uploads, downloads, and sharing, as well as what files and with whom your employees are sharing with. Connect the Box reporting API to your existing BI solution and see everything that’s happening with your content, instantly.


Integrate and enhance legacy enterprise and mobile applications. Box understands the best of breed approach to enterprise applications, and offers a number of packaged integrations, including SharePoint,, Netsuite, Jive, Google Docs, MDM providers and numerous others. Our open, secure platform and APIs mean that developers and partners can extend the power of Box with innovative integrations and apps, and content never becomes a silo.


Work with more than just Office files. Most organizations don’t only work with Office files – they may use Google Drive, Keynote, video files, AutoCAD, or any other number of file types. With Box, you can preview over 100 different file types right in the browser, without having to download them locally. Box Edit lets users create and edit content directly on Box using the native applications already installed on their computer, like Word and PowerPoint. Box also allows file sizes up to 5GB, going beyond the size limitations of Office 365. 


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