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Use Box to receive content submissions, RFP proposals, bids, forms and assignments. Using Box is ideal for organizations or individuals who require file submissions that are too large for email or who want to quickly organize the content in a private, secure structure with limited or zero visibility for the sender.

An effective submission system requires that content be easy to search, share and view. To make this happen, you need to make strategic decisions about how people upload content, how folders are structured and what permissions you grant for sharing. 

This document describes strategies for creating a content submission system using Box and is designed for individuals or organizations that: 

  • Work on a variety of projects with different teams
  • Issue RFPs or RFQs
  • Receive files from customers, agencies, partners or students
  • Need a restricted environment where submitters have limited or no visibility into the other submissions
  • Deploy public forms and interact with many external individuals

Benefits of using Box include the ability to:

  • Organize all of the content automatically
  • Access all submissions securely on any device
  • Preview files in your browser without needing native applications
  • See access statistics on received documents
  • Securely share the content without resorting to email attachments


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