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Can a collaborator upload files to any subfolders in the folder tree?
Yes. Box uses to a “waterfall” permission system.  Every collaborator in Box can interact with all subfolders within the folder they were invited into, but have no visibility into any of the parent folders.

If documents are uploaded with the same name into the same folder, will it overwrite the previous copy?

By default, no. For email submissions, Box will simply change the file name of the second document to include (1).  You can change this behavior to overwriting when you set the Email Files To Folder option.

Using the Embedded Widget, Box will always rename the file so nothing is overwritten. With upload collaborators, you can take advantage of version history, as people can upload new versions instead of distinctly different files.



Can I access this content when I'm traveling?


Absolutely. Install Box Mobile for your preferred device or navigate to If you anticipate working offline for an extended period of time you can favorite a folder for offline access in the Box Mobile app. This stores a local copy of the content on your mobile device. When combined with a strategy for Box Sync, you can ensure that you always have access to your content.


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