What Applications Can You Use to Enhance Content Discovery?



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Scan paper files and process content with cc Scan
Use ccScan to save directly to Box for your scanned documents. Instead of scanning to a Windows PC first, manually creating folders, uploading documents, and setting Box file properties afterwards, save precious time and do all of this in a single step with a customizable ccScan job. Define separate jobs for each different scanning activity.

Figure 1: OCR documents into Box using ccScan!

Transcribe audio and video to search for language in documents
VoiceBase is a new service that lets you find exactly what was said in video and audio recordings by analyzing the spoken words inside them. VoiceBase also gives you the ability to do one-click purchases of human edited transcripts of your recordings, and reminds you at a glance what are the key concepts discussed in them.

Learn about the VoiceBase App at 
http://youtu.be/xcyF1opTSes and use it to:

  • Transcribe your video and audio recordings containing voice content into the VoiceBase search engine in your personal private account 
  • Transcribe your audio and video recordings
  • Explore new content using our automatically identified and suggested keywords 
  • Search an extensive public repository of broadcast media
  • Connect your existing VoiceBase account to your Box account

Figure 2: Transcribe and search voice recording using VoiceBase service.

Create a dashboard for your cloud applications using Hojoki
Do you love Box, but do you or your friends and colleagues also use other services like Evernote, Twitter and Chatter?

Hojoki allows you to see the big picture by unifying updates from all your cloud apps into one newsfeed.  You can launch all your apps from within Hojoki, and jump to specific stores or updates from the dashboard while keeping your Box permission structure intact.

You can also search for tags, titles and file descriptions using Hojoki, although you will have to use Box for in-text searching. Also, any comments on your personal Box files in Hojoki will appear as file comments in Box, making it easier to maintain a seamless workflow.

Figure 3: To setup the integration with Box, you can register for free on www.hojoki.com

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