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Communicate around content in Box

Eliminate long email chains by using comments and tasks!

To replace information disconnected email threads or collaboration processes lost over time, use Box’s social workflow tools to connect history and content. Enter a comment, assign a task, or like a file by clicking on the ‘+’ (red).

To communicate with a colleague: start your message with the ‘@’ symbol and begin typing the name of an individual that you are directing the message to; @-mentioning will directly email the person and populate the message in their Box account. This message will also stay with the file or folder on which you’ve commented, giving context for others coming to work with this information.

Note: When using @-mentioning, the person to whom you are directing the message must already be a collaborator in the folder.

To keep assignments on track: Assign a Task, set a Due Date, and select the appropriate action item (yellow); the recipient will receive an email as well as a Task to complete.

Use these tools:

  • To ensure a specific person is aware of content on Box
  • If there was previously confusion in email or in person on what to do when
  • If you need to keep these processes intact for future reference (billing, context for new hires,  review processes)

Watch the video below for a guided tour to comments and tasks:


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